St George’s boasts a close-knit team of staff. From the house cook that makes fresh meals to the cleaners that attend daily to dust, hoover, change beds and generally keep the house clean and tidy.
The experienced care staff offer our residents with one to one care and attention, supervise medications and provide support with mobility, exercise and activities.

Sarah King has worked in the health and care industry for over 24 years. starting as a supper time assistant at the age of 14.

Sarah completed an NVQ level 3 in Health and social care before going to Plymouth University to study Adult Nursing. Qualifying with a Diploma in Higher Education Adult Nursing in 2005, Sarah worked at Tiverton Hospital for a number of years, during which time Sarah studied for a post graduate degree in key nursing elements such as Diabetes, moving and Handling, Leadership, evidence based Practice and Mentorship.

In 2010 Sarah became ward sister and transferred to manage the Crediton Hospital Stroke Rehabilitation Unit promoting to a Matron in 2012. Crediton Hospital was one of the Community Hospitals no longer financially viable and in 2014 Sarah supported the unit and staff to transfer their care and skills to Ottery St Mary Hospital. Returning to Tiverton Hospital, Sarah was a lead role in the transition from Northern Devon NHS Trust to the RDE trust and was awarded a team award for excellence.

In 2017 Sarah moved into Social Care, taking on the management role with St. George’s House Residential Home. ‘This has been an insightful journey, with my experience in the NHS and now social care, I feel privileged to be able to support our older population through their health care journey to ensure they receive excellent and thorough care no matter where they are or what their needs are. Caring for older people is my passion and I have great compassion for the role I play in their lives. They deserve the best and to have quality of life throughout.’

Matthew is a tenacious, versatile and highly strategic Operations Manager / Project Manager with many years’ experience, he has led highly professionalised teams on major projects, guiding them towards efficient and profitable outcomes. He is highly skilled in project direction, training and personal development and setting objectives that contribute to long term goals and drive efficiency.

In a consultancy capacity Matthew has worked on a number of high profile projects including the £1bn London Underground Station upgrades between 2010 – 2014.

Matthew became the registered Provider of St George’s House in 2010 having been involved in the family business for most of his life.

With credible in-depth and hands-on experience plus the management, negotiation and leadership skills to engage at all levels, Matthew is committed to providing the best possible care to his residents.

His professional and progressive approach ensures that St George’s consistently achieves very high standards, still maintains a family business ethic and continues to strive to make improvements in the future.